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Experience stories

What is it like to work or volunteer at the Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire? Working with more than 700 donkeys is not an everyday activity for many people, so here you can read the stories of volunteers who helped us!

foto Axelle.JPG


I am Axelle (19 years old) and I worked as a volunteer at Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire for 3 months.

I really enjoyed my time at the Sanctuary and I fell in love with the donkeys. The team at the sanctuary is great and warm, they give you a warm welcome and the working atmosphere is always very good. Every day I went to work with a big smile on my bike and the days flew by.



​After working 'behind a desk' for 30 years I decided to volunteer at the Donkey Sanctuary. It was an experience in the category: "Wouldn't miss it for a second". Donkeys are intelligent, quirky, funny and above all very sweet animals. They get to know you quickly, visit you, challenge you and keep you company when you relax at your cottage at the sanctuary in the evening, after a busy day. I would like to thank Marina and her team for this wonderful experience and the trust they gave me.



My name is Beris and I did an internship at Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire for 7 weeks. These were 7 unforgettable fun and educational weeks! When I arrived here I immediately felt at home in the sanctuary with the donkeys. Working in this beautiful environment and in a great team is wonderful.

Marina and the whole donkey team, thanks again for this great experience. It is an adventure that I will always remember with a smile!

Foto Maud[1]_edited.jpg


When I started my internship at the Donkey Sanctuary I was 18 years old. I study Enforcement Supervision and Security and I chose to do the international part for a period of 3 months on Bonaire at the donkey sanctuary. I had a very nice and great time. I have learned a lot about the donkeys, but I have also become a lot more independent through this experience.



During my three months on Bonaire I got to roll up my sleeves as a volunteer. Between the work I noticed the pure passion for the donkeys. We work with love and care. In a fantastic location, with the rising sun, the panoramic view, the flamingos flying over, I experienced special moments.



July 10, 2020, the day I started having a great time in this heart-warming place. When I think about it, I am immediately moved by all the beautiful and intense moments that I have been able to experience, it was a period to remember.



I learned a lot during this internship. 
This job is quite heavy in the beginning, but after a week you start to get used to it. I have learned a lot in the 9 weeks I have been here.

Foto Amy_edited.jpg


I learned and experienced a lot during my internship. Feeding in the park with the truck was especially fun!

Dominique 2.jpg


What a great experience this was! I am so glad that I could contribute to the Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire!
If you ever come to Bonaire, it is definitely recommended to go there. If you are not afraid to get dirty hands and you have a big heart for animals, it is definitely worth to do volunteer work there! They can use your help!

Foto Ervaringsverhaal[1].jpg


I'm Demi and I volunteered at Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire for 2.5 months. My original idea was to stay for six weeks, but the donkeys kept me in Bonaire for a month longer. It was a time when I learned a lot, about the animals but also about myself. I have done many different jobs.

I'm glad I took the step to go to Bonaire. I would like to thank the entire Donkey team for this experience. I look back on this unforgettable time with a big smile.



Hi! My name is Anouk and I did an internship at Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire for 7 weeks. These were 7 unforgettable fun weeks!

From the first moment the sanctuary felt like a warm bath with super nice people and of course the amazing donkeys. The nice thing about the internship was that you stay on site in a house between the donkeys. Both the donkeys and Marina and the whole Donkey team have a special place in my heart. Marina and the entire Donkey Team, thank you so much for this great experience, this is something I will never forget and will often think back with a smile!"



For over two months I did voluntary work at Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire. In the Netherlands I work as a para-veterinary veterinary assistant. I thought it would be fantastic to work with donkeys and then also on such a beautiful Caribbean island as Bonaire.



With a lot of accidents you have to save donkeys in emergency situations. This can be quite intense at times, but oh so grateful. I have seen a lot of weak donkeys come in that 2 months later were completely refreshed, energetic and super happy. This always gave such a grateful feeling, because this was partly achieved through your help.

unnamed (3).jpg


Had a great time volunteering at Donkey Sanctuary on Bonaire. I gained many new experiences and developed a close relationship with the donkeys.




I really enjoyed my internship here for 9 weeks. Taking care of the donkeys, going on a rescue mission, and feeding an orphaned foal.  

Together with a classmate we lived at the park between the donkeys. Everything was taken care of so well!

Foto Anouk.jpg


Ik heb als vrijwilliger iets meer dan 2 maanden geholpen bij de Donkey Sanctuary.


Al vanaf de eerste dag voelde ik me thuis tussen de ezels. Ik heb het erg naar mijn zin gehad en veel geleerd. Het is hard werken, maar de structuur heeft me erg goed gedaan. De tijd vloog voorbij.

Isabel en veulen.jpeg


My name is Isabel and I am 22 years old. I did an internship at the donkey sanctuary for 6 weeks. In these 6 weeks I have done my best to work hard for the donkeys so that they can have a good life. It was a special experience that I will never forget.



I'm Anoeshka van Dijk and I did an internship at the donkey sanctuary for 7 weeks. It was the 7 nicest and most funny weeks I had! I learned so much about the donkeys, they are such smart animals. Each donkey has a different character which makes it fun to work with them.

I want to thank Marina and the rest of the team for a great time! I have grown a lot here personally, but also in knowledge about the donkeys. So are you still hesitating to do an internship or volunteer work here? Don't, because you get a once in a lifetime internship / volunteer work here!

unnamed (1).jpg


Once I arrived at the Donkeys I ended up in a warm bath and was allowed to get started! I was able to learn so much from Marina and the team. How much time, energy, passion, love and attention is given to the animals. How hard people work day in and day out.

It is awesome.



For 4 months I volunteered at the Donkey Sanctuary. Instead of helping people, I now helped and cared for donkeys in the open air. The love and enthusiasm you get from these animals is priceless!

unnamed (2).jpg


During the Bonaire holidays we are often active on several fronts at the Sanctuary. Then Inge and I are part of a fantastic team that is committed every day to give the donkeys a great life.



During my 6 months at the sanctuary as a volunteer I learned a lot from both the donkeys and Marina and the great team.

The amount of love and passion that can be found in this sanctuary is unbelievable.



I volunteered at the Donkey Sanctuary for 9 weeks. You learn a lot and the time really flies! Everything was well arranged. You can see many beautiful places and animals on Bonaire, especially within the shelter. 



Working for and with the donkeys is an unforgettable experience!

Working in this beautiful environment and with a nice team is wonderful.

It was a fantastic time and I have no regrets.

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