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You are very welcome to visit Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire yourself. We would like to receive you in our shop to explain our activities. You can also buy nice souvenirs here, the proceeds of which will of course go entirely to the donkeys.

Then you can drive your own car among the hundreds of donkeys in our large park. The animals will be happy to come up to you and stick their snouts through the car window, hoping you brought them a treat.

If desired, you can buy a bucket of grass pallets from us for $ 2.50 to feed the donkeys. Make sure that you will make dozens of new friends very quickly!

You can only enter the special care meadow on foot. Here you will find the donkeys that need extra care, for example because of an injury or illness. Also mothers with their foals and orphaned foals that we raise by bottle feeding are in this meadow.


We also have a garden where you can admire iguanas, tortoises and flamingos. Finally, you can order a drink and take a seat on our cozy terrace, in the shade of a palapa roof made of dried palm leaves. From here you have a beautiful view (in the rainy season) over our salt lake, where wild flamingos can usually be seen.

All in all, a fun and educational outing for young and old!

Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire is open to visitors daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 

Admission is possible until 4 PM. Driving around is allowed by car, golf cart, scooter or bicycle. Walking around is of course also possible. Quads are not allowed in the park.

The entrance fee is US $ 9 for adults. Children up to 12 years pay only US $ 4.50 (payment by pin from US $ 20 possible). Adopters receive free admission for 4 people from their own family.

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