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The sponsors
Feramed & DutchFarm

Feramed & DutchFarm support us by providing wormers and vitamins and other products for the health of our donkeys. For example, all donkeys can be dewormed for free!

John Thijssens

John Thijssens founded his plastering company in 2018 and has been active in the Veldhoven region, Eindhoven and far beyond since then. Plastering and finishing company John Thijssens is a young, motivated company that is always up for a challenge in plastering and latex spraying.

R. Vroom Beheer BV


We are , a company founded in 2020 by four friends who have known each other since childhood.

We offer a huge variety of images in wall decoration, wallpaper and wall circles. We have images for every interior and every taste and offer them in different materials. Something for everyone! Our images are special, expressive, unique, timeless and they tell a story. We only deliver these images in high quality so that the images come into their own on your wall.

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De ezelsocieteit.png

Thanks to very generous donations from the companies and individuals listed below, it was possible to purchase a number of hectares of private land for Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire.

- Frans & Hansje Hazewinkel
- Ms. Noel Craven
- Sarah & Hugh Frame
- Manzana Foundation
- Carol & Andy Muller
- PETA Organization
- The Donkey Sanctuary UK
- Animals Best Friends Organization
- Sorobon Beach Resort
- Animal aid Venezuela
- Anonymous

R. Vroom Beheer B.V Middelie


Various private donkey enthusiasts regularly support us with very generous gifts. We would like to thank you for their many years of loyal support:

- Ann Diersing & Don Leonard

- Frans & Hansje Hazewinkel

- Ann & Andrew Sterling
- Sander, Sanny & Pieter Jongerius
- Pierre Chatelain & Line Lavoie
- Cornelie & Marjolijn

- R. Vroom Beheer B.V Middelie
And of course we also thank all other sponsors, donors and adopters! Thanks to all of you, we can take care of Bonaire's donkeys!

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van Doren Reclame

Van Doren Reclame designs and manufactures unique souvenirs from Bonaire especially for us, including beautiful donkey posters and bags with a flamingo photo printed on it. They make all these items available to us completely free of charge to sell in our shop. The entire proceeds of this will benefit our donkeys!


Werkcon BV is a metal processing company known for its innovative products and machines. As a loyal sponsor, Werkcon helps us with, among other things, free transport of goods to Bonaire and we regularly provide assistance with our construction work. In addition, Werkcon is sponsoring the new construction of our store and warehouse, which we are very happy with!

Staud Media

Staudmedia offers customized website and hosting solutions for a wide range of companies. Staudmedia is your partner for the integration of web and security camera systems for residential and commercial properties on Bonaire. They manage our donkey camera.

Van den Tweel

Van den Tweel supermarket provides vegetables, fruit and bread for our donkeys twice a day. These are products that have not been sold and are still well used!

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Ralight fans Amersfoort

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