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​After working 'behind a desk' for 30 years I decided to volunteer at the Donkey Sanctuary. It was an experience in the category: "Wouldn't miss it for a second". Donkeys are intelligent, quirky, funny and above all very sweet animals. They get to know you quickly, visit you, challenge you and keep you company when you relax at your cottage at the sanctuary in the evening, after a busy day.

It's hard work for sure. Not a moment goes by that you are not doing physical work: wonderful! After a few weeks you will have mastered the routine of the day and you will know details like how much food you can give the donkeys at what time. There are cute adorable donkeys that need extra attention and the old ones, the senior donkeys of the sanctuary.

I enjoyed getting to know the other volunteers and the permanent employees. We quickly became a close team and we could count on each other, keep each other company and share a tear and a laugh.

I would like to thank Marina and her team for this wonderful experience and the trust they gave me.

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