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My name is Rik Hendrikse, married to Inge, a proud father of 4 daughters (including 2 bonus daughters), grandfather of a (bonus) grandchild and two hairy Mainecoons Bowie and Queen. And don't forget, along with Inge, adoptive parents of the donkeys Pippa, Phoe, Jopie, Bikkel and Yasir.


5 years ago I had my first holiday on Bonaire and I came into contact with Marina, her Donkey team and the donkeys. Inspired by the good work that DSB does, I approached my network and the business community in the Netherlands to raise funds for the donkeys.


During the Bonaire holidays we are often active on several fronts at the Sanctuary.

Then Inge and I are part of a fantastic team that is committed every day to give the donkeys a great life.


That is why Marina and her Donkey Team deserve all the support and I am grateful that I can support her from the Netherlands to raise funds. Would you like to help or inspire me, you can email me

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