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Our team

Our team consists of permanent employees as well as volunteers and interns. Here we introduce you to our permanent team!

Marina Melis
Marina is the founder and driving force behind Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire. Seven days a week she cares for her more than 700 donkey children with heart and soul, is ready to help donkeys in need and arranges the practical course of affairs in the donkey sanctuary.

Genaro Anthony
Genaro helps with all heavy and technical jobs that have to be done within Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire. But above all, he is a specialist in catching wild donkeys. Thanks to him we have already been able to give many donkeys a safe life in our park.

Ed Koopman
Ed, Marina's husband, has made all the buildings in the park himself: the shop, the water well, windmill, the stables, the watchtower, and so on. He is busy with maintenance and technical jobs every day.

Marion Jeursen
Before moving from the Netherlands to Bonaire in 2007, Marion was a branch manager at a perfumery. On Bonaire she found a badly injured donkey foal on the street and called the donkey sanctuary. She was so impressed that she decided to volunteer here herself. Marion takes care of the donkeys and receives tourists who visit the park.

Suzanne Asscheman (Suuz)

Suuz has been working at the Donkey Sanctuary since 2018. She started as a volunteer and has been employed for over 1 year now. In the Netherlands she studied animal care.


Marit Zijlstra

Marit moved to Bonaire in 2014. She started volunteering at 11 and hasn't left us since! Marit is now studying animal management in The Netherlands. After her study she hopes to return to the Donkey Sanctuary!

Konstanze Staud
Konstanze manages the donkeycam. She also helps us with everything related to ICT. She is also always ready to help the donkeys when needed!

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Mila Binnekamp

Mila and her husband Ruud have been coming regularly for a diving holiday on beautiful Bonaire for 20 years. They have known Donkey Sanctuary and Marina for 20 years. From the beginning she has been fascinated by flamingos. Now that she has lived on the island for a few years, she is happy to take care of the flamingos and turtles. Every day is a party!

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