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Help us by adopting a donkey!

You can adopt one of our hundreds of donkeys. You choose one that appeals to you, here at the park, via our adoption book in the shop or via the form below.


You will receive an adoption certificate and a picture of your donkey, as well as a welcome gift as a participant in our Donkey Adoption Program 'LOV' IAAAAAA '.


Of course we will keep you informed about the ups and downs of the donkey sanctuary in general and your donkey in particular.

And one more thing: you are welcome at the Sanctuary at all times. You do not pay an entrance fee for yourself and your (Max. 4) immediate family members. This way you can come and see your adopted donkey and his or her friends as often as you like.

So come by or click here to choose a donkey now!

How does it work?

If you arrange the adoption here in the park, you can choose any donkey that appeals to you. If you adopt in the shop or through this website, you can choose from the 30 donkeys we have described until now. Choose here to choose a donkey.

When you visit us, we would love to point out your donkey to you. However, this is only possible if one of our regular volunteers is present in the Sanctuary (the rotating team of course doesn’t recognize every donkey) and if there’s time. You probably understand we work rather hard every day! Also we have to add: we’ll look for the donkey and just hope it’s not chilling between spine bushes in the middle of the Sanctuary. So no guarantees here…

The adoption fee is 175 dollars for one year. Of course it would be wonderful if you’d be able to help take care of ‘your child’ for a longer period of time but you can decide every year whether you’d like to extend the adoption or not. If you don’t, the adoption ends automatically.

If you have any questions, please email us.

Adopt a donkey!
Yes, I would like to adopt a donkey for a year.
I receive an adoption certificate and a photo of my donkey child, as well as a present.
I will be kept informed of the ups and downs in the Sanctuary.
My contribution is 175 dollars.

Pay attention! Your adoption application will not be completed until payment has been received

Please pay via the "Geef" button or via our bank details!


Your payment for the Adoption please:

ING Bank Netherlands

IBAN NL82INGB0003921224


in the name of Marina Melis, Foundation Donkeys Help


After receiving your payment, we will send you the certificate and photo.


* A donkey can have several adoptive parents, but your contribution will benefit all donkeys.

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