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I'm Anoeshka van Dijk and I did an internship at the donkey sanctuary for 7 weeks. It was the 7 nicest and most funny weeks I had! I learned so much about the donkeys, they are such smart animals. Each donkey has a different character which makes it fun to work with them.

The activities I had to do were: feeding donkeys, mucking out meadows, helping visitors in the shop, preparing food, giving medication to donkeys if necessary, filling all hay racks during a drive on the truck (good cardio work-out) and when there was a call for a donkey in need we went on a mission to help. Never a dull moment and no day is the same with the donkeys.


Together with another intern I slept in a house in the park. These were available to us free of charge, just like the bike and the car. It was a very nice experience to sleep between the donkeys and we were with a group of girls and had a lot of fun.


I want to thank Marina and the rest of the team for a great time! I have grown a lot here personally, but also in knowledge about the donkeys. So are you still hesitating to do an internship or volunteer work here? Don't, because you get a once in a lifetime internship / volunteer work here!

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