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Hey everybody,

I am Charlotte van Wijk, 19 years old and volunteered for 4 months at the Donkey Sanctuary on Bonaire!


Every day was different and that made it so much fun and varied. In this way I always took good care of all donkeys with the other volunteers and Marina. Think of feeding, taking care of all donkeys and of course cuddling with them every day.


You also often take action. With a lot of accidents you have to save donkeys in emergency situations. This can be quite intense at times, but oh so grateful. I have seen a lot of weak donkeys come in that 2 months later were completely refreshed, energetic and super happy. This always gave such a grateful feeling, because this was partly achieved through your help.


I really experienced these 4 months as a great time and wouldn't have missed this for the world. In addition, the tropical climate was certainly not annoying. For example, we often ended the day with a nice dip in the sea and watched the sunset. Who wouldn't want that?

Love Charlotte

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