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I'm Demi and I volunteered at Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire for 2.5 months. My original idea was to stay for six weeks, but the donkeys kept me in Bonaire for a month longer. It was a time when I learned a lot, about the animals but also about myself. I have done many different tasks.

The daily activities is feeding the donkeys, mocking out the meadow, grass feeding in the park, bringing fruit and vegetables to the donkeys, preparing food for the next day, being a host for the tourists in the care meadow and after a while I also received visitors in the gift shop and tell them about the Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire.


When I worked at the sanctuary for two weeks, I got an extra daily task: feeding an orphaned donkey with milk four times a day. A task that I really liked but was not always easy. It is special to see that you get to know a donkey well in this way and that you really build a bond with it.

In addition to the daily tasks in the park, it also happens that a donkey in the wild needs help. These moments can be intense, but if you are able to help and bring a foal and mother or a pregnant mare safe to the sanctuary, you get a lot of energy and satisfaction from it.

I'm glad I took the step to go to Bonaire. I would like to thank the entire Donkey team for this experience. I look back on this unforgettable time with a big smile.

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