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At first I went to Bonaire for something completely different, but what an incomparable experience my time with the donkeys has become!


I am a chef myself and I came to Bonaire for that as well, however my expectations did not match reality and I started looking further. I've always had a passion for animals and my father recommended contacting Marina. My father adopted a donkey the year before while on vacation.


Once I arrived at the Donkeys I ended up in a warm bath and was allowed to get started! I was able to learn so much from Marina and the team. How much time, energy, passion, love and attention is given to the animals. How incredibly hard people work day in and day out. It is awesome.


Because of this experience I have also decided that I would like to continue taking care of / helping animals and I am now following a study in the Netherlands.


Do you want a great internship / volunteer work and do you have a heart for animals then this is the place!


Marina & team thanks again, you guys are amazing.

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