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Hello all!

My name is Judith, 26 years old and I volunteered at Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire for over two months in 2020.


In between jobs I had time to spare and came across a vacancy on Facebook for volunteering at the sanctuary. In the Netherlands I work as a veterinary veterinary assistant and have therefore worked with animals a lot in the past. I thought it would be fantastic to work with donkeys once and then also on such a beautiful Caribbean island as Bonaire.

At the end of August I left for Bonaire on my own, quite a bit exciting, also with all the Corona measures. Fortunately, I was welcomed with open arms on arrival and soon felt at home among the donkeys and the other volunteers and employees.


Work on the sanctuary was very hard. I had to get used to the heat and the physical work. The work mainly consists of: scooping poo, feeding chunks, feeding alfalfa, feeding fruit, feeding bread and, for example, giving orphan donkeys milk.

The challenging part of volunteering is having to help with a report of an injured donkey, for example, or assist when the vet comes by.


At the end of the working day I had a good feeling of satisfaction and enough time to relax. I worked five days a week from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. So two days a week I was free to do fun things and enjoy the beautiful weather, the island and the beautiful clear blue sea.


Do you also like donkeys, are you not averse to hard work and are you open to a new challenge? Then volunteering at the Donkey Sanctuary is definitely for you!

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