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Hoi! Mijn naam is Anouk en ik heb 7 weken stage gelopen bij Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire. Dit waren 7 onvergetelijke leuke weken!

Vanaf het eerste moment voelde de opvang als een warm bad met super aardige mensen en natuurlijk de geweldige ezels.

You learn a lot about the donkeys in a short time. This includes both the fun moments (every morning the enthusiastic donkeys during feeding time or while feeding bread, for example) and the intense moments (when a donkey who lives outside the park can unfortunately no longer be saved). The nice thing about the internship was that you stay on site in a house between the donkeys. This ensures that you always have donkeys around you, which is super cozy. Both the donkeys and Marina and the whole Donkey team have a special place in my heart. Marina and the entire Donkey Team, thank you so much for this great experience, this is something I will never forget and will often think back with a smile!"

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