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When you include the Donkeyshelp Foundation in your will, you let your love for donkeys live on. Including our foundation in your will is one of the ways to help the donkeys of Bonaire. With this we can continue to work on a good and safe life for all donkeys. Your help with this is desperately needed, both now and in the future!

There are several ways to include the donkeys in your will:

It is possible to appoint Donkeyshelp Foundation by will as (joint) heir. We receive a certain percentage of your estate through such an inheritance. You decide what percentage you want to leave to each of the heirs. For example, you can make the Donkeyshelp Foundation heir next to your children. You can also choose to appoint us as your sole heir.

Nalatenschap ezel

If you do not want to make the Donkeyshelp Foundation as heir, but do want to include it in your will, you can appoint us as legatee. This means that you leave a fixed amount of money or a certain good (for example a house, an object or a stock portfolio) to the Donkeyshelp Foundation.

Because we have been designated by the Tax Authorities as a Public Benefit Organization ( ANBI ), we do not have to pay tax on the inheritance / bequest received. This means that the full amount can be used to take care of Bonaire's donkeys. So whether it's a large or small amount, everything will benefit the donkeys!

Your civil-law notary can tell you exactly how to include the Donkeyshelp Foundation in your will. Perhaps you would like to discuss this topic with us first or do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. It goes without saying that we treat your information confidentially.

Have you included us in your will? Please let us know . This way we can discuss any specific wishes with you and keep you informed of developments.

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