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ANBI decision

Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire has an ANBI decision. This means that we have been approved by the Dutch Tax Authorities as a Public Benefit Institution.

Our ANBI decision is registered under the official name of our foundation: Donkeyshelp Foundation. We are proud that we meet the requirements of the tax authorities and therefore have the status of 100% transparency! Read our 2018 and 2019 report here .

This decision has advantages for us as well as for everyone in the Netherlands who supports us financially:

  • Gifts that you make to us (donations, adoptions, one-time gifts) can be deducted from your income tax. However, there is a minimum and a maximum amount, depending on your income.

  • If you want to help us with a notarized, periodic donation for at least 5 years, your donation is always fully deductible.

  • Legacies and legacies that we receive from you are exempt from inheritance tax thanks to this arrangement. The full amount will then benefit the donkeys.

Our ANBI decision is valid from January 1, 2009. Resin No 823 77 25 00 - Donkeyshelp Foundation.

For further information about our ANBI decision, please use the link below. For tax-related information, please refer to

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