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You can support the donkeys of Bonaire in various ways. Your help is desperately needed to take care of the donkeys and all donations, large or small, are greatly appreciated by us and go entirely to the care of the donkeys.

If you help the donkeys by means of a periodic donation that is laid down in an agreement, you will also benefit from optimal tax benefits!
Because such a gift can be deducted from tax, without there being a threshold income or maximum deductible amount.


For us, such a regular donation means that we are assured of your financial support for a longer period of time. Thanks to your structural help, we can be there for the donkeys, in all kinds of ways, now and in the future.

Because we are recognized as an ANBI by the Tax Authorities, your donations without an agreement are also tax-deductible. In that case, however, you must meet certain conditions. For people who want to support the donkeys structurally, it is therefore usually more favorable to record their periodic donation in an agreement with us.

Your donation is a periodic donation if:

  • You have registered the donation

  • You transfer an amount to us at least once a year

  • This amount is always approximately the same

  • You transfer this amount to us for at least 5 consecutive years

  • The donation will stop at the latest upon your death

  • We may not provide you with any consideration for your donation

Do you state in the deed that you will no longer make a gift if your income falls, for example because you become unemployed or disabled? Then you still meet the above conditions.

Please note: until 2014, you were only allowed to deduct a periodic donation if you had registered it with the notary. This is no longer necessary for regular donations from 2014 onwards. You can now choose whether you want to register the donation via the notary or via a written agreement with us.

For more information, see the website of the Tax Authorities: Conditions for deducting periodic donations



Example With agreement Without agreement


Your donation to the donkeys € 250, - € 250, -

You will receive a refund of € 130, - € 0, - from the tax authorities


It will cost you € 120, - € 250, - net



Refund based on a tax rate of 52%

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