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A Heart of Fame for you and shadow for the donkeys!

After 13 years of so much saltpeter falling from the sky, there are now holes in the roof tiles of the shade areas for the donkeys and other important places in our park. Major maintenance is therefore urgently needed, the roof panels need to be replaced.

These are additional costs on top of the daily costs we have to keep the park open and to feed and care for our donkeys. So we need a lot of sponsors! Every gift is more than welcome. Big or small.

For a gift of $1,000 we will give you a Heart of Fame. To express our gratitude for your contribution.

On the Heart of Fame will be your name or company name or the name of the person to whom the Heart of Fame is dedicated in memory.

We place the Heart of Fame on the stables in the care meadow where many visitors come.


We are an official ANBI organization so your donation is deductible from your tax return.

Scherm­afbeelding 2024-01-07 om 11.12.03.png

For $1000 you have your Heart of Fame and it will be placed for many years in the stables in the care meadow where a lot of visitors come and will read it.

Masha danki!

Marina and the Donkey team

You can donate via below link or by transferring your donation to our bank account.


Donate with PayPal: 

Our bank details can be found here: Donkey Sanctuary bank details


Please indicate in your transfer that it is a Heart of Fame donation and send us an email after payment so that we can contact you to thank you and to hear from you which name should be on the heart: info

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